Mobile Treatment Device (MTD)

MTD Main Unit
MTD Remark 1
Produces specific alternating electric field energy
MTD Remark 2
Produces frequencies for a wide range of applications
MTD Remark 3
Up to 5 simultaneous effective treatment frequencies per session
MTD Remark 4
Open coil or traditional hand probes
MTD Remark 5
With advanced frequency calculator software
MTD Remark 6
Treatments settings can easily be set

The following devices can be attached to the MTD Main Unit:

Open Coil

MTD Open Coil

Hand Probes

MTD Hand Probes

The Mobile Treatment Device (MTD) is a treatment device for home therapy. This device is also often used as supplement on treatments done by therapist in use of the 4SRG (see products). The MTD is designed to treat pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, molds and algae.

When multiple pathogens are diagnosed as cause of a symptom, then a series of targeted frequencies are used, each addressing one of the pathogens. Simultaneously targeting a number of specific pathogen frequencies significantly accelerates the treatment. The healing process of difficult to heal diseases will be also significantly accelerated.

In advance the MTD is set to the correct frequencies required to treat the pathogens. Hand probes or an open coil can be used. In some cases a frequency sweep is set so that the range of the treatment is increased.

With the MTD for private individuals a complete basic frequency list is supplied from which all settings per specific treatment can be read. Setting of the MTD is very easy.

Exclusively with the MTD for therapists the Basic Frequency Calculator software is supplied which is used to calculate the correct basic frequency for specific treatments with the MTD. In this software a database with all the known frequencies of the most common pathogens are stored to be used for treatment.

To set the basic frequency of the MTD accurately a frequency counter is supplied in the total package.

Basic Frequency Calculator software screenshot:

Basic Frequency Calculator

Basic Frequency Calculator

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