Nano Pulsed Beamer (NPB)

NPB Main Unit
NPB Remark 1
Easy to use electric field inducer
NPB Remark 2
Produces an electric field signal every 0,8 seconds
NPB Remark 3
Electric field change on a nanosecond scale
NPB Remark 4
Affects the cell metabolism
NPB Remark 5
Wide range of applications
NPB Remark 6
In some cases immediate result after only one treatment

The Nano Pulsed Beamer or short the NPB, is a treatment device to treat a number of physical complaints.

The NPB generates a very rapid rising electrical field change of a certain shape which occurs in a few nano seconds (1 nano second = 1 billionth of a second). This rapid field change has an activating influence on the cell metabolism. An external electrical field activates and improves the function of the aquaporin protein that takes care of the transportation of water and salt ions through the cell membrane.

Research in the USA shows that an external electric field of a particular form, stimulates healthy cells directly by boosting the natural defence mechanism of the cells. Healthy cells in the body do not suffer adverse effects from the external electric field. This is based on the fact that a healthy cell is capable of generating a very fast electrical counter voltage to its membrane, that is reversed to the electric field coming from outside. A sick or degenerated cell does not have this ability. The external field will damage the cell nucleus of such defective cell and the body starts eliminating the cell.

The NPB is very effective in the following cases:

NPB Usage Remark 1
Activation of the immune system.
NPB Usage Remark 2
Pain relief for strained tendons, muscles and joints (tennis elbow, tennis leg and such like).
NPB Usage Remark 3
Pain relief of inflammation in muscles.
NPB Usage Remark 4
Relief of complaints caused by auto-immune phenomena (Rheumatism, MS and such like).
NPB Usage Remark 6
Accelerates the cure of bone fractures and wounds.
NPB Usage Remark 5
Treatment of skin disorders: click for pictures
NPB Usage Remark 6
Treatment of shallow lying soft tissue tumours: click for pictures


NPB Usage Remark 6
The NPB is very suitable as aid for physiotherapy or treatment of sport injuries.
NPB Usage Remark 6
The average duration time of a treatment is between 4 and 8 minutes.

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